Everbreaking Heart

by Zap

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The second chapter of Berlin based "Swing Tap and Honks" show Zap. Thanks to everybody involved in this exciting process and especially to you for checking it out!
For more info go to www.thezapshow.com


released January 20, 2016

All songs written by Will Henderson
Recorded, mixed and mastered by the legend Miguel Couto (casinhastudios@gmail.com) at Funkaus Studios Berlin.
Will Henderson - Vox, Guitars, Ukulele bass, Trumpet, Beatboxing
Gabreille Miller- Vox, Ukulele, Tap Dancing, Tambourine, Cymbal hat, Washboard
Petros Tzekos - Vox, Washboard, Assorted toy animals, Cajon, Bass drum, Congas, Cow bells, all other percussion
Special guests..
Youka Snell - Vox, Violin
Miguel Couto- Vox, Electric Bass (Guardia Blues)
Album art by the amazing Zoya Godoroja- Priekaerts www.zoyagp.com



all rights reserved


Zap Berlin, Germany

Zap blossomed in the artistic playground of Berlin, when two Australians and one Greek combined forces to create a unique, wild and fun laden show full of puppetry, physical theatre, dance and comedy. Here is the soundtrack to their art..

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Track Name: Everbreaking Heart
You know I love ya
You know I care
You know I love you and I'll always

Be there If you Miss me
Be there if you're all alone
Be there if you wanna kiss me
Be there on the end of the phone
Be there Cos I love ya
Be there cos you mean so much
Be there but it seems your ain't feeling the same way
And I don't wanna spend my life being a crutch for your

Ever breaking heart
Ever breaking he art
Crystalline shattering
Nothing is a mattering
I'm lonely I'm broke we are hemispheres apart
Track Name: Daym I miss you
Your memory glistens
Like a sunset rain
Stormy weather follows
Pick up your umbrella and bear it again
Darling it's been so long
Daym I miss you
Your butterfly kisses on my face to wake me up
Fragrant smell of tea in the morning with honey left in the cup
Darling it's been so long
Daym I miss you
The ripples of your pebble in my pond
Are going to last forever
Touching the shores of my mind all those beautiful times we shared together
Your voice is husky smiling on the telephone
So many street signs but I just can't find the way home
Darling it's been so long
Daym I miss you
Track Name: Mad Gab
Well it's Mad Gab, hold steady uh uh uh uh you better get ready for Mad Gab
Its the way that she moves and the way that she grooves I love her cymbal hat and I love her tappy shoes its Mad Gab
What's she gonna do what's she gonna do? You better watch out cos she's coming for you its Mad Gab
Its the way that she moves and the way that she grooves I love her cymbal hat and I love her tappy shoes its Mad Gab
Oh Crazy Gabby cant you see sometimes your moves they hypnotise me down goes the moon and up goes the sun drink the vodka drink the rum now the fun has just begun
Track Name: Wise Man
We need to know, where to go and where we coming from

People living in the city
People trying to find their roots
But your feet get dirty black from the concrete
And you can't feel the grass through your boots

The man says you gotta make money
To buy things that make you feel good
But the best feelings to get aren't from sweet sweet cash
And you can't eat those dollars for food

How do you find your life's purpose
There's a lot of wondering wanderers around
First find what makes you feel happy,
and what you can share that makes the lost feel found

What's your name
Whaddaya love
Who you gonna help and what's you're heart thinking of
What they gonna get
Which needs are met
How they gonna transform from the list above x2

Hey wise man come on down share some words a with me and my family

We need to know, where to go and where we coming from
Track Name: Unbuccen Lucky
You and me we're going to treasure island
You and me we're going searching for gold
You and me we're gonna explore uncharted seas and the vacancies in these lives of ours x2
But you say you're scared of shark attacks
and you say you get seasick
and you say you don't wanna walk the plank with me
I'm getting the feeling that I'm getting the flick
Why won't you come with me?